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What is Arlandabanan?

Arlandabanan is a railway line.
It is connected with the rest of the Swedish railway line both North and south of Arlanda airport.
Arlandabanan was built so that people can travel faster to Arlanda airport.
People can for example take the Arlanda Express train from Stockholm to Arlanda.
The train goes very fast and the journey takes only 20 minutes.

Why was Arlandabanan built?

Many people need to go to Arlanda airport.
Some of them continue their journey by aeroplane, or they work at the airport.
It is better for the environment that people travel by train instead of by car.
That is why the Arlandabanan was built, so that more people would travel by
train to Arlanda airport.
Arlandabanan was finished in the year 1999.

Who owns Arlandabanan?

The company Arlandabanan Infrastructure AB owns the Arlandabanan.
But the state owns Arlandabanan Infrastructure AB.
Therefore, one could say that the state owns the Arlandabanan.


Arlandabanan Infrastructure AB takes care of Arlandabanan and makes sure that it works well.
Arlandabanan Infrastructure AB works together with SJ and SL to make it easier for people to travel to Arlanda.


The company that runs the Arlanda Express train between Stockholm and Arlanda is named ‘A-Train’.
A-Train does not only run the trains.
A-Train will also, for example, repair Arlandabanan if Arlandabanan is broken.
After the year 2050 there may be another company that runs the trains between Stockholm and Arlanda.