Owner and Objectives

Arlandabanan Infrastructure AB (AIAB) is fully owned by the Swedish state and supervises the state’s rights and obligations with regard to Arlandabanan. Its shares are managed by the Government Offices through the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications.


AIAB’s assignment is to own and manage the railway system from Rosersberg via Arlanda Airport to Odensala (Arlandabanan) as well as let the line and supervise certain other rights that are needed to operate rail transport between Arlanda Airport and Stockholm Central Station to A-Train.


AIAB has the duty to preserve its long-term value and develop the railway in accordance with coming needs. The ultimate objective is to contribute towards an economic and environmentally sustainable development of the Mälardalen region of Sweden.


The state loan granted to A-Train is being repaid through the profits of A-train.

Ownership Structure

Arlandabanan Infrastructure AB is owned by the Swedish state and the shares in the company are managed by the Government Offices. To secure the company’s equity, the Swedish Transport Administration has issued an unconditional liquidity and capital adequacy guarantee. A deficit in the company’s operations will be funded by the Swedish Transport Administration. The state has, through the Swedish National Debt Office, lent SEK 1 billion to A-Train, which is to be repaid as royalties on future profits. A-Train is owned by State Super, Sunsuper and SAFE through Portare, which acquired the company in 2014. Arlanda Express is A-Train’s brand for its rapid shuttle service.

The chart above shows the ownership structure. Arlandabanan Infrastructure AB (AIAB) is fully owned by the Swedish state and manages its rights and obligations concerning Arlandabanan.